Low cost mobile vet pricing

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Low Cost Mobile Pet Vaccine Clinics- providing high quality and compassionate veterinary care in a convenient mobile setting at affordable pricing. 

Pricing reflects 5% cash payment discount. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit cards. Pricing below is for people that attend our mobile events. Please use home visit tab for home visit pricing.

  1. Canine vaccine packages

    1. Annual package- Canine rabies, distemper/ parvo (DHPP), bordetella, heartworm test $83

    2. Just shots- Canine rabies~, DHPP, bordetella $58

    3. Dog basic- Canine rabies~, DHPP $40

    4. Puppy package- distemper/ parvo, bordetella, hook/roundworm dewormer $46

    5. Puppy basic- distemper/parvo, hookworm/roundworm deworm $28

    6. Puppy 12+ weeks- distemper/parvo, rabies~, hookworm/roundworm $48

    Feline packages: All kitten packages include hookworm/roundworm dewormer.

    1. Indoor cat package- Feline rabies~ and FVRCP $40

    2. Outdoor cat package- Feline rabies~, FVRCP, FeLV $65

    3. Kitten 1- 6-8 weeks of age- Panleukopenia/distemper (RCPCh), hook/round deworm $28

    4. Kitten 2- 12+ weeks- Panleukopenia/distemper (RCPCh), feline leukemia $53

    5. Kitten 3 12+ weeks- RCPCh, FeLV, feline rabies $65

  2. Individual vaccines

    1. Rabies- 1 yr $15

    2. Rabies 3 yr $25~

    3. Canine distemper/parvo/hepatitis (DHPP)+ $20

    4. Canine leptospirosis $10 when given at the same time as distemper/parvo; $20 as stand alone vaccine

    5. Bordetella/ kennel cough $18

    6. Feline distemper/respiratory (FVRCP) $20

    7. Feline leukemia (FeLV) $25

  3. Microchip with lifetime registration (NO annual fees) $35

    —>When added to a package Microchip is $25 (save $10!)

  4. Heartworm prevention options for dogs includes chewable tablets given monthly or convenient injection that provides 6 months protection.

  5. Flea/tick prevention- We offer multiple options of chewable tablets for dogs and topical for cats.

  6. Heartworm test $25 —>$19 w/purchase of 12 month supply of chewable prevention OR 6 month heartworm prevention shot

  7. Allergy shot- contact us for availability

  8. Fecal intestinal parasite exam- BRING a FRESH (same day) fecal sample. $25 or $18 when added to a package

  9. Brief physical exam with vaccines $10; without vaccines $25

Prior records are NOT required for annual shots or puppy/kitten. If you do not have your vaccine records, no problem! The only time you must bring prior current vaccine records is if you would like the vet to determine eligibility for 3 yr rabies.

Packages with rabies include 1 yr rabies. You can substitute 3 yr rabies in packages for additional $5. For 3 yr rabies you need to bring current prior rabies vaccine record. If you do not have your prior rabies record then we will give a 1 yr rabies vaccine.

NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED to attend mobile events!!!