Low cost mobile vet clinic

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Low Cost Mobile Pet Vaccination Clinics- providing high quality and compassionate veterinary care in a convenient mobile setting at affordable pricing. 


-->Please see our mobile pet vaccination clinic schedule at the bottom of this page or by following us on www.facebook.com/ppvsllc

Pricing as of 12/23/2018 and reflects 5% cash payment discount. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and Debit cards.

  1. Microchip with lifetime registration (NO annual fees) $35

    —>When added to a package Microchip is $25 (save $10!)

  2. Bravecto- chewable for dogs and topical for cats. Each dose provides 3 months protection against fleas and ticks. $52 per dose. We offer a $15 rebate off 2 doses (6 month supply)..

  3. Simparica- chewable tablet given monthly to dogs to prevent fleas and ticks. $18 for one month or $46 for 3 months. We offer a $15 rebate off 6 month supply

  4. ProHeart 6- injection we give to provide 6 months worry free protection against heartworm disease. $35 for dogs under 25 lbs, $48 for dogs 26-50 lbs, $56 for dogs 51-75 lbs and $66 for dogs 76-100 lbs

  5. Monthly chewable heartworm prevention. Starting at $9/mo for single dose. $30 for 6 months for dogs under 25 lbs, $38 for 6 months for dogs 26-50 lbs and $44 for 6 months for dogs 51-100 lbs

  6. Heartworm test $25 —>$19 w/purchase of 12 month supply of heartworm prevention OR 6 month heartworm shot

  7. Vaccine packages-

    1. Annual package- Rabies, distemper, parvo virus, bordetella, heartworm test, basic dewormer $83

    2. Just shots- Rabies, distemper, parvo virus, bordetella, basic dewormer $58

    3. Dog basic- Rabies, distemper, parvo virus, basic dewormer $40

    4. Puppy package- distemper, parvo virus, bordetella, hookworm/roundworm dewormer $46

    5. Puppy basic- distemper/parvo, deworm $28

    6. Puppy 12+ weeks- distemper/parvo, rabies, deworm $48

    7. Indoor cat package- Rabies and RCPCh $40

    8. Outdoor cat package- Rabies, RCPCh, feline leukemia $65

    9. Kitten 1- 6-8 weeks of age- Panleukopenia/distemper (RCPCh), hookworm/roundworm dewormer $28

    10. Kitten 2- 12+ weeks of age- Panleukopenia/distemper (RCPCh), feline leukemia, hookworm/ roundworm deworm $53

    11. Kitten 3 12+ weeks- RCPCh, FeLV, rabies, hookworm/roundworm dewormer $65

  8. Individual vaccines

    1. Rabies- 1 yr $15

    2. Rabies 3 yr+ $25

    3. Canine distemper/parvo/hepatitis+ $20 (we offer puppy, 1yr/annual and 3 yr)

    4. Canine leptospirosis $10 when given at the same time as distemper/parvo; $20 as stand alone vaccine

    5. Bordetella/ kennel cough $18

    6. Canine influenza $24

    7. Feline distemper/respiratory combo $20

    8. Feline leukemia $25

  9. Cytopoint for dogs with allergies- $34 for dogs under 10 lbs, $44 for dogs up to 20 lbs, $54 for dogs up to 30 lbs, $62 for dogs up to 40 lbs, $71 for dogs up to 50 lbs, $80 for dogs up to 60 lbs, $89 for dogs up to 70 lbs and $98 for dogs up to 80 lbs. Contact us for availability.

  10. Hookworm/ roundworm basic dewormer $9

  11. Tapeworm dewormer starts at $12 and is based on the weight of the dog

  12. Fecal intestinal parasite exam- owner must BRING a FRESH fecal sample in a non leaking container. We will process this by our lab and have results within 1-2 business days. $33

  13. Brief physical exam with vaccines $10; without vaccines $25

  14. Core vaccine titer screening- *must contact us in advance to arrange

    1. Rabies FAVN $105+shipping for active duty military; $155+shipping for non-military pet owners).

    2. Distemper/parvo $65

    2018 MOBILE CLINIC SCHEDULE **Check back often for updated schedule with new dates/locations.

    WEDNESDAY January 16th
    1-2pm Naturally Unleashed 3035 Boone Trail Fayetteville

    FRIDAY January 18th
    3:30-5:30pm The Urban Dog 216 Meed Ct Fayetteville

    SATURDAY January 19th 9:30-10:30am Advance Auto 1590 NC 24 Cameron
    11:30-1pm Naturally Unleashed 3010 Traemoor Fayetteville
    1:30-2:30pm Naturally Unleashed 330 Glensford Drive 
    3-4pm Naturally Unleashed 3035 Boone Trail Fayetteville

    MONDAY January 21st
    4-5:30pm Piggly Wiggly Broadway

    FRIDAY January 25th 2:30-4pm Moore County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services

    SATURDAY January 26th
    9-11am Harnett County Animal Control
    12:30-2:30 Moore Equine Feed and Supply
    4-5:30pm Piggly Wiggly Sanford

    SUNDAY January 27th
    11-12:30 Piggly Wiggly Broadway
    1:30-3pm Double LL Tack and Feed 1221 NC 55W Coats

    SATURDAY February 9th 9-11am Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

Prior records are NOT required for annual shots or puppy/kitten. If you do not have your vaccine records, no problem! The only time you must bring prior current vaccine records is if you would like the vet to determine eligibility for 3 yr rabies. If you do not have your records or they are overdue we are happy to see your pet and will administer 1 yr/ annual rabies vaccine!

Packages with rabies include 1 yr rabies. +$10 to substitute 3 yr rabies