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Why choose a mobile veterinarian? 

The car ride traveling to the vet, entering a hospital with many other animals and then waiting in an exam room with strange noise and scents can be very unsettling to pets. We bring the veterinarian to you! Pets are a lot less stressed and in turn their owners are also a lot less stressed during their visits. Many pets that have a history of being afraid during veterinary visits are dramatically more at ease with a home visit. A mobile veterinarian coming to your home is also ideal for pets that have difficulty getting around, senior clients with mobility issues themselves, owners with busy work schedules and folks with small children. We offer at home visits to anyone that wants to offer their pet the convenience and comfort of an in home visit!

An added benefit is that you will ALWAYS see the same veterinarian! When going to multi-doctor practices it can be tricky to schedule with the same doctor.

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What services can be provided in home and what species do you work with? 

We provide wellness care including physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, microchips, heartworm prevention, oral flea/tick medication, allergy testing and treatment, behavioral evaluation, rabies FAVN testing, health certificates and more.  We are also able to collect blood and fecal samples to send to our lab for evaluation. We can treat minor issues such as skin infections, ear infections etc as well in the comfort of your home!

We provide care for dogs, cats and horses!

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What does it cost?

Our home visit trip fee is based on distance. It is $55 for people living within 10 miles of our home office. Please contact us let us know your address and we can let you know the cost for your area. Please note we only charge one home visit trip fee per home- it is not per pet. 

  • Physical exam without vaccinations $45

  • Physical exam with vaccinations $25

  • CBC/chemistry panel $95

  • Thyroid level $45

  • Fecal parasites screen & giardia screening $33

  • Heartworm test $25

  • Distemper/parvo/hepatitis $20

  • Leptospirosis $20 ($10 with distemper/parvo)

  • Bordetella $18

  • Canine influenza $20

  • Feline RCP/Chlamydia $20

  • Feline leukemia $25

  • Microchip with lifetime registration $35


  • Annual package- Annual exam, rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella, heartworm test $108

  • Just shots- Annual exam, rabies, distemper/parvo, bordetella $83

  • Dog basic- Annual exam, rabies, distemper/parvo $65

  • Indoor cat package- Annual exam, rabies and RCPCh $65

  • Outdoor cat package- Annual exam, rabies, RCPCh, feline leukemia $90

  • Allergy testing $185

  • Cytopoint for dogs with allergies- $34 for dogs under 10 lbs, $42 for dogs up to 20 lbs, $52 for dogs up to 30 lbs, $60 for dogs up to 40 lbs, $70 for dogs up to 50 lbs. For dogs over 50 lbs please contact us for pricing.

  • Core vaccine titer screening- contact us in advance to arrange

    • Rabies $75 (official FAVN $95+shipping for military and $135+shipping for non-military pet owners).

    • Distemper/parvo $65

  • Heartworm prevention

    • TriHeart- monthly chewable heartworm prevention Priced per 6 month supply. $30 for dogs <25 lbs, $38 for dogs 26-50 lbs and $44 for dogs 51-100 lbs

    • ProHeart- convenient injection that provides 6 months protection against heartworm disease. $35 for dogs <25 lbs, $48 for dogs 26-50 lbs, $56 for dogs 51-75 lbs and $66 for dogs 76-100 lbs

  • Oral flea/tick medication

    • Simparica- tablet given monthly to prevent fleas/ticks. $18 for single dose or $46 per 3 months protection

    • Bravecto- chewable tablet for dogs and topical application for cats that provides 12 weeks/ 3 months protection against fleas and ticks $52

Pricing reflects a 5% cash payment discount. We also accept Visa, Mastercard and debit cards. Payment is required at the time service is rendered as we are a small practice and thus cannot afford to offer financing to clients.