Herbal therapy has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Western herbal therapy often consists of a single herb, however TCVM herbal therapy consists of specific herbal blends for a given condition. The company that Dr. Commerford works with complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and independently tests all raw ingredients for toxins, pesticides and purity. 

Herbal therapy is an excellent option for pets that do not respond to traditional Western medications for their conditions, do not tolerate the side effects of their medications or owners who prefer a more natural and holistic approach. 

Herbals are available in a variety of forms to make it easier to treat your pet. They are available in tea pills, capsules, powders, concentrated powders and biscuits to make it easier for your pet to consume.

While there are many conditions that respond very well to herbal therapy, below are some of the more common conditions treated with herbal therapy:

  • Anxiety- thunderstorm anxiety, separation anxiety, horses/dogs that become nervous during training or at shows.

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Soft tissue injury such as cruciate ligament disease in dogs or tendonitis in horses.

  • IVDD (interverterbral disc disease)