End of life care if never an easy process for pet parents. For folks that are not sure how to decide when the time has come that their pet is having more bad days than good days we offer in home consultation to assess quality of life. For pets with terminal disease we offer hospice care to help keep them comfortable as long as their owners feel they still have adequate quality of life.

We offer at home euthanasia to make the experience as stress free as possible for both the pet and the family that loves them. Every pet receives sedation and pain medication so they are very relaxed and pain free for the entire process. Once your pet is sleepy we then administer anesthesia so they are completely unaware when euthanasia is administered. We have developed this process so that we can ensure that your pet is peaceful, pain free and experiences no stress during the process. 

We ask that you have a thick, comfortable blanket for your pet to lay on. Our entire focus is making the experience as peaceful as possible for pets and their owners so we like to have the pet wherever they are most comfortable which sometimes means the backyard under a favorite tree, on the couch or another favorite resting area. If your pet is still eating, please have their favorite foods on hand so they can snack on them as they receive their sedation and become sleepy. If they are able to stand, please take them outside to urinate within an hour of the appointment time. Pets with a full bladder will often urinate when they become deeply relaxed from their sedation if they are not given the chance to eliminate prior.

Following euthanasia, owners may elect to bury their pet at their home or elect for cremation service. For those that want to have their pet cremated we arrange this service and provide careful transportation to the crematorium. Pet owners will then be contacted by the crematorium when their pet’s remains are ready.

Cost for in home euthanasia is based on the pet's weight and distance to the home from our office. For pets weighing less than 100 lbs and within 10 miles of our home office the cost is $250. This cost includes doctor time driving to and from your home, sedation/pain medication, IV catheter, IV anesthesia and euthanasia. If you live outside this area please text or email us your address so we can let you know the cost.     210-549-9647    peakperformancevet@gmail.com

Cremation cost includes transporting your pet from your home to the crematorium.

General cremation with no remains returned $95 for pets up to 100 lbs

Private cremation with remains returned in an urn $199 for pets up to 100 lbs

For pets over 100 lbs please contact us for cost. 

Additional $95 for after hours, holiday or weekend appointments.